Strange sounds in the sky 2013

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Idk wats going on?!?! Can anyone tell me what this is?


777SEER says:

Where R U AT?

minecrafthaxor1337 says:

these are fake sounds he edited in from the movie some ar real these are not and no such thing as war of worlds

b34678 says:

My god every video i watch same noise wtf are they not telling us?!? Someone has to know

tad casper says:

watch war of the wolds. same sounds as in the tom cruis movie. thy well be attacking us or what ever thy are here for real soon.

AyeeItsYadely x says:

Hey Did You Ever Find Out What The Noises Were .?

Philip Burrows says:


Deborah Schale says:

Jesus Christ is Lord. Jesus is the light of the world. He loves u & died for u & can save u. Please repent, bow & pray. He is coming too soon for some of u in a cloud. Watch the weather & u will see. Jeremiah 25:31 a noise shall come from even the ends of the earth; God pleads with all flesh. Trinity: Father, Son, Holy Ghost is your provider of ALL good in your whole life. Walk in faith & his light

lebensimpuls says:

its cme and from sun storms and magnetic fields

WAPTek2 says:

most sky trumpet vids = sound effects from the movies “war of the worlds”,
“red state” & a malfunctioning sound system at a ball game , v=EZEdkzMixh4

Oohh Yew says:

Where was this??

Deborah Schale says:

A noise shall come even from the ends of the Earth; God pleads will all flesh Jeremiah 25:31. When the last trumpet sounds we will be changed. Jesus is on his way in a cloud to fulfill his 2nd coming. Those unsaved will be left behind to face tribulation & the Obamanation of desolation. The noises are in several places in bible. Get ready! Get saved! Forgive all & stay close to Father, Son, Holy ghost. Ask Trinity to speak to you

AL Velez says:

I heard the same thing dude!! I’m from Chicago!

helicoptered says:

what docu?

WAPTek2 says:

UPDATED info watch?v=EZEdkzMixh4 & watch?v=eMgrPiBZJtY

WAPTek2 says:

UPDATED info watch?v=EZEdkzMixh4 & watch?v=eMgrPiBZJtY

mikilavush says:

At the end of my playlist “Creation science & miracles” there are videos with even louder demonic sounds in the sky, and in order to understand what is going on, one must first of all understand that the Bible’s book of Revelation is of Satan and that the Antichrist is soon to come on a throne in the sky disguised as Revelation’s “God” (Rev. Ch. 4). Satan’s sounds above insinuate that they are doomsday sounds so that when Revelation’s “God” appears in the sky people would believe that he is God.

MultiShawn100 says:

Not saw em but heard em

MultiShawn100 says:

They say those are horns that are blown to signal the end of the world near . I saw em in a documentary

Javier Castillo says:

Fuck I want to see this movie already love the preview LOL

LegendaryPrince777 says:

No it’s not its something els not normal

Alex Santillan says:

Thats the tornado alarm

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