Strange Events Happening Worldwide 2013

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Strange events are occurring world wide this year, is something coming?


JfreshDalTx says:

I fucc your muthaasuccaa

jay6157 says:

first one was fake he edit it

skincutter666 says:

the end was fake the loud explosion was from the russian meteor

sacrolife says:

do you know the time when you may possibly die? you have always thought those things could never happen to you.. 😉 time is come…all those history and experiences and development are enough for life on earth for human being.. ready for next level 😉

Irish38ification says:

That was great thanks the music was perfect.

lao ying says:

the title says worldwide 2013, why you showing us 2011 in 14:00

Matthew Smitson says:

They’re warning us

Dakota Smith says:

I also saw something forming in the sky that was yellow/gold and I thought it was aliens but it turned out to be CHINESE LANTERNS I know cause they fell down. That also explains why they dimmed out at 12:35 !

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