Cryptids and Paranormal Creatures 3

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The third video in the Cryptids and Paranormal Creatures series. In the modern era, it is easy to forget that we have not yet learned everything there is to …


Jessi McDonou says:

Why do the ape-men always have one hand out way in front of them? I don’t think that’s a natural way to walk.

iNTEX Janta says:

yeah its fake i saw a nilon tied on here ankle

TonyMon16 says:

1:47 well there we have it guys indisputable proof of life in another planet. What an amazing picture, who can deny thats a real alien. Well thanks to that hi-def picture im a believer now anyway!

Liney Lopez says:


Liney Lopez says:

is patrick searching spongebob

Zach P says:

Mm from music to this shit how does this happen???

SandInkGamingExp says:

h…how did I get here?

zach hudson says:

in 2:05 is roger from american dad, predator from that franchise and freaking golem from lord of the rings mixed together!

kingmj132 says:

Im at the weird side of YouTube again.

Angela Moores says:

da fuck is 2:12 ? is that really true?

H4Xs-MoDz says:

area 51

Gene Bauerlin says:

Congrats stupid you took a picture of a stealth bomber!

Skyminecraft100 says:

2:23 sejuani s bear form LoL

12MrSupercool says:

photoshop, fake, luck, and normal things for the win…

12MrSupercool says:

0:25 are mars faces, they are natural….

Nicco Nieves says:

2:10 It’s a tiger with the Monster drink icon!

Mroolcoolme says:

Bigfoot natural habbitat: dense fog and out of focus areas

Red Fagx says:


drakerc18 says:

30 it’s a grunt from halo

Daniel Teles says:


Jake Fitzhugh says:

Lol ppl are stupid

Connor Selb says:


MrIvang1234 says:

Man pigg 0_o

birdoscute25 says:

What is this about again?

Josh Usdan says:

1:33 megamouth shark

Josh Usdan says:

0:55 Fiji mermaid

selGdemparamtwilight says:

1:33 its a shark-dolphin-whale

matt fredette says:

all the creppypastas

javier uchiha says:

slenderman is real???????
reason to fear that if you cross say the could die

dscrd1 says:

is it a bird? is it a plain? NO IT PHOTOSHOP!

dscrd1 says:

0:26 it’s manbeardeer i’m cereal!

MegaYugiohgod says:

1:35 to 1:44 is slenderman

Nate Patterson says:

1:21 and 2:41 What am I supposed to be looking at in these pictures because I just see the people.

EliteDragon300 says:

1:02 that fish is claimed to be a man eating wels catfish.

fairytailfanlol says:

0:59 those are real an they are a type of lizard that have no back feet some of them have no legs at all though so yeah they arent snakes with legs and they arent scaly worms or anything they are just a type of lizard

Guillermo Ramirez says:

Todo esto es como creerle a los politicos!!

Alejandro Rodriguez says:

Really cool

Scoper9000 says:

1:37 u mean spiderman

Veneno Gallardo says:

i hate this song

James Storey says:

1:37 slender man lol

Stefi Dragneel says:

00:30 calm its just patrick

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